Junior process engineer

Looking for a candidate to join the Engineering team at a leading cultured meat

The candidate will participate in projects related to the process development

and scale-up of bioreactor-based cultured meat.

The projects and experiments intersect

the fields of bioprocessing, chemical engineering, and cell biology.

The ideal candidate

will have knowledge and skills from the above fields and will be excited to work on

cultured meat.

The job is 90% lab based.


 Assembling and operating benchtop bioreactors of several scales

 Operating pilot scale bioreactor equipment

 Performing analytical tests such as cell counting, biomolecule measurements etc.

 Preparing media and other reagents

 Operating bioprocessing equipment such as peristaltic pumps, filters, etc

 Carefully recording/updating data including experimental results, inventory, etc.

 Presenting data in meetings, drawing conclusions from experiments

 Building bottle/bag/tubing assemblies

 Disassembling, washing, sterilizing equipment.

 Ordering consumables and equipment



Highly desirable:

 Bioreactor experience

 Experience with aseptic technique / biosafety cabinets

 Cell culture experience

Must have:

 Eng. Degree in the following fields: biotechnology, chemical, biomedical.

 Attention to detail.

 Willingness to spend the majority of work hours in the lab, including extensive

manual assembly/disassembly.

 Excel/PowerPoint/Office skills

 Critical thinking

 Positive team attitude and initiative

 Technical orientation- the ability to learn and operate unfamiliar equipment.

We are looking for team players, challenge crackers, innovators, creative talented


The company is located in Rehovot

Full time job

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