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biology lab technician

biology lab technician

Responsibility for all cell line maintenance and support that requires high technical and professional skill. This includes methods used in the field, the ability to operate laboratory equipment at various levels, experience in mammalian cell culture, tissue preparation, stationary cultures, suspension culture, bedding preparation, etc. Experience in laboratory work, biological methods and processes, and familiarity with biological and analytical analysis and quantification methods such as planning, writing development plans, work reports, documentation of experiments and summaries


- B.Sc. / M.Sc. in Life Sciences or relevant biological degree.

- Knowledge and experience (also possible university experience only) in the following areas:

- Cell cultures - must

- Laboratory work experience, biological methods and processes, and familiarity with biological, analytical, planning and writing of development plans, work reports, summary documentation.

- Excellent research skills, study ability and self-work.

- Excellent human relations, work ability in the team.

- High motivation and multitasking ability.

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