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Cell culture - Media developer leader

Biotechnology Company is recruiting media developer for cell-culture to work with the research and development team.

Involvement in cell culture media development includes planning and execution.

Experience in developing media for a senior scientific role with high knowledge in biological methods used in the field.

Ability to operate laboratory equipment at various levels, experience in both mammalian cell and tissue culture.



Ph.D. in biochemistry or molecular biology or other relevant degree.

Knowledge and experience in the following areas:

- Extensive experience in media formulations development for cell culture and high-throughput screening methodology - mandatory.

- Experience in handling animate cell cultures, tissue preparation, adherent cultures, suspension cultures, growth substrate preparation, etc with high technical skill (preference for stem cell and mammalian cells experience).

- Laboratory work experience in aseptic work, biological methods and familiarity with biological design, writing of development plans, work reports and documentation preparation according to GMP regulations.

- Ability to operate laboratory equipment at various levels and familiarity with biological & analytical methods and quantification methods such as PCR, ELISA, HPLC, cell fixation, immunohistochemistry and fluorescence microscopy.

- Excellent research skills.

- Excellent human relations, work ability in the team.

- High motivation and multitasking ability.

* The job is for both women and men 

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