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Senior biological researcher

Start-up company, develops cellular equipment and cell culture, is looking for a senior researcher to join the research and development team.

Involvement in project development includes planning and execution, as well as laboratory work that requires high technical skill. Includes methods used in the field, ability to operate laboratory equipment at various levels, experience in mammalian cell and tissue culture.




- Ph.D. or postdoctoral fellowship in life sciences or relevant biological degree, from a recognized university only.

- Knowledge and experience in the following areas:

- Cell cultures - mandatory

- Laboratory work experience in biological methods and processes, familiar with analytical design, planning and writing of development plans, work reports, documentation summary.

- Molecular Biology - Required, DNA Sequencing, RNA Sequencing, Microscopy.

- Extensive background in cell biology.

- Highly experienced in project leading: development of project plan and timelines, literature and patents review for project feasibility, planning experiments, analyzing and presenting data, writing protocols and reports.

- High proficiency in tissue culture and high-throughput screening methodology.

- Molecular biology and biochemistry: gene cloning and mutagenesis, protein expression and purification.

DNA (Preps, RT-PCR, EMSA, Chromatin IP)

RNA (Preps, In-Vitro Transcription –Translation, FISH)

Proteins (Expression, Purification, IP, Western blot, ELISA)

Experience in isolating and separating cells from tissues

Experience working with laboratory animals including surgical procedures

Histological work (H&E staining, Immunofluorescence, Cryo sectioning)

Experience in macroscopy

Computational biology: broad experience in analysis of gene expression profiles and enrichment analysis. Knowledge and orientation in bioinformatics software, comparison and analysis of gene sequences and promoters

Experience with Unix, MATLAB and Python – Advantage.

- Excellent research skills, study ability and self-work.

- Excellent human relations, work ability in the team.

- High motivation and multitasking ability. 

יש לשלוח מייל ובנושא המייל יש לרשום- JB-46

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